About Upcoming Deathlok Movie

Yes it seems that we will have a movie with Deathlok. What a great news ! So what do we know about this upcoming movie until know? We know that the writers for this movie are Raven Metzner and David Self, and that producers are: Avi Arad, Kevin Feige and Steven Paul. When the movie trailer will be available for sure it will be here, until then we can see some pictures of Deathlok:

Deathlok Movie Fan-made Pictures

We know that David Self has been hired to rewrite the script, studio's looking for a new director, in 2008 was created a script and then from 30 April 2011 the status of this movie is in development.

Until we have another news we like to share a Deathlok tribute (fanmade).

Deathlok movie As we know Deathlok becomes a movie. That's another comic book that wanted to be transformed in a movie, so it seems that this movie will run in theaters soon. From 30 April 2011, status of Deathlok is "development unknown".

There are others superheroes, like Luke Cage for example, that after some experiments have many superpowers. Deathlok in this case become a cyborg, with computer and robotic parts replacing nearly his entire body.

Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner wrote the first part of the script that shows a family living in a suburb, where a husband becomes the target in the laboratory experiments, which eventually transform him into a alive computer.

Avi Arad of Marvel Studios with Steven Paul and Crystal Sky Productions will produce the movie. Studios are now seeking a director. McGuinan Paul, who directed Wicker Park, Lucky Number Slevin and Push might be a possibility, although not started any negotiations. Before Paul Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, xXx: State of the Union) was possible to direct the movie. That's all for now.

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